Saturday, June 25, 2011

Office Remix...

Mike and Amanda are off with a group of youth recreating the pioneer trek that settled Utah.  As they are experiencing the hardship and sacrifices of daily life on the trail, I'm here at home trying to be creative.  Mike usually occupies most of the time spent in the office, but since he's gone I've been in here a lot.   Of course I can't spend time in ANY room for very long with out wanting to tweak it.  And with Mike away...I don't even have to ask permission...not that I ever do!

I'm sure this won't be the last time things get remixed.  I will enjoy it for a few weeks until I "need" to do it again.  I hope Mike likes his office corner with a moodier industrial edge to it.  Now to get back to the laundry...something that I wish I felt the "need" to do as well.


  1. Wow! I only wish I had your knack and flair for fabulous. Everything you touch, create I would love to replicate! If only my house looked like yours. I might feel some accomplishment in life.

  2. Love the darker paint (stain) wash that you did on the hutch and table. You've got the touch, Midas! I admire that you "tweak" so often. It keeps it fresh! And what is that saying of yours?, 'for the low, low price of giving a ****, you too can have_____! Proof once again that it only takes a desire. And, in your case, an incredible amount of talent!