Monday, April 25, 2011

Mini Vacation

We haven't been away on vacation for a really long time.  Everyone in our family together in the same place at the same time.  So this Easter weekend we left for Orlando.  Our first stop was the Temple, where we joined members of our branch and spent a few hours feeling the love and peace that comes from serving there.   And since we are Harry Potter fans/geeks in this family (the kids say speak for yourself mom) and we haven't been to the Harry Potter World at Universal, that was our final destination.  I'm not a huge fan of theme parks, because of the long lines, the humidity and crappy food.  Not to mention It's usually super crowded on a holiday weekend.  But to our surprise it was  practically deserted....YES!  The longest we waited in line was 25 minuets.  And it was overcast most of the day so it wasn't hot....can I get another YES!!!  Harry Potter World was amazing, I ogled over all the authentic details and the frozen butter beer was to die for.   Taylor and I are feeling really brave and maybe a little macho because we road The Dragon Challenge Ride (formerly known as the Dueling Dragons.)  Yes Gabby you read that right we went on a scary roller coaster!  So now you will want to "theme park vacation" with us and we'll be fun this time.  Thomas was a trooper and went on every ride that he was tall enough to go on.  Can I just say that it's so much funner to go when your kids are older.  No Whining!  I'll be leaving for Utah in 3 weeks and then it's summer.  With all the summer camps, to many to list, this was our only opportunity to get away, and man did we need it!

All I can say is  "Mischief Managed!"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dancing Feet

Amanda is sixteen...almost seventeen and loves to dance.  This year she went to the JROTC Ball with a big group of her friends (boys and girls) and they were all stag.   She just left to go to a 5 stake LDS Prom with a big group of her friends...stag again.  On one hand I want her to get some dating experience...but on the other hand I'm glad she's just enjoying herself and is in no real hurry to jump into the dating scene.  She has a good head on her shoulders and I keep teasing her to hold out until collage where she will have a wide selection to choose from.  I've got my fingers crossed which is good, because Mike tells me not to hold my breath on this one.

She is beautiful inside and out.  Hopefully I can keep her away from the boys until she's thirty!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


My kids say I'm obsessed.  But the truth is it's just part of the creative process.  Tinkering.  I NEED to move things around or add to the existing design.  If you don't like change it's not for you.  I on the other hand can't get enough!

I replaced my chest with my sofa back table and added the baskets to fill the space underneath it.  

I found this wire cage at Homegoods on the sale isle for 9 bucks.  I touched it up with bronze paint and bent some of the wires and filled the selves with old stuff.  It's my favorite change to this table scape.

I also added 6 pics with frames to Mikes office wall.  I love sprawling gallery walls!

And last but not least I wall papered the inside of my clock, where the pendulum swings or would swing if she worked.

It's a creative and monetary challenge to keep things from feeling to static around these parts.  But if you buy quality and what you love you can rework and rearrange to your "obsessive" hearts content.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

County Fair...

Some times you have to break down and go....
Even if you're afraid of carnival folk!

We all enjoyed ourselves.  Thomas loved the not so much!  If I get roped in again next year, I'm spending most all of my time at the petting zoo. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Amanda Recognized...

The day has finally arrived!  Amanda has set goals and accomplished all that was required to earn her Young Womanhood Recognition.  It's no easy task to complete this achievement, so in this house we are really proud of her.  This program though faith based, is similar to earning an Eagle award from The Boy Scouts of America.  It requires a lot of time, effort and service.  This program focuses on these eight values, Faith--Divine Nature--Individual Worth--Knowledge--Choice and Accountability--Good Works--Integrity--and Virtue.  Amanda is an amazing young women who is generous and so kind!  We love our "baby cakes!"

It was a special event.  My favorite part was the slide show of pictures that her father made, it showcased the many faces and stages of Amanda...priceless.  The only bummer for her was not being able to share this night with her Grandma Sant who was recovering from the flu:(.....