Monday, April 25, 2011

Mini Vacation

We haven't been away on vacation for a really long time.  Everyone in our family together in the same place at the same time.  So this Easter weekend we left for Orlando.  Our first stop was the Temple, where we joined members of our branch and spent a few hours feeling the love and peace that comes from serving there.   And since we are Harry Potter fans/geeks in this family (the kids say speak for yourself mom) and we haven't been to the Harry Potter World at Universal, that was our final destination.  I'm not a huge fan of theme parks, because of the long lines, the humidity and crappy food.  Not to mention It's usually super crowded on a holiday weekend.  But to our surprise it was  practically deserted....YES!  The longest we waited in line was 25 minuets.  And it was overcast most of the day so it wasn't hot....can I get another YES!!!  Harry Potter World was amazing, I ogled over all the authentic details and the frozen butter beer was to die for.   Taylor and I are feeling really brave and maybe a little macho because we road The Dragon Challenge Ride (formerly known as the Dueling Dragons.)  Yes Gabby you read that right we went on a scary roller coaster!  So now you will want to "theme park vacation" with us and we'll be fun this time.  Thomas was a trooper and went on every ride that he was tall enough to go on.  Can I just say that it's so much funner to go when your kids are older.  No Whining!  I'll be leaving for Utah in 3 weeks and then it's summer.  With all the summer camps, to many to list, this was our only opportunity to get away, and man did we need it!

All I can say is  "Mischief Managed!"


  1. wondering why Mike was so tired (hah)

  2. The lines and small children are exactly why we haven't ventured into the theme park scene yet. Not worth it in my book. You guys look like you had a blast. Love all the pictures.

  3. Glad you had fun. Family time is the best. Memories last a lifetime.

  4. My friend went over Christmas (big mistake) They had to wait for hours just to get into the Harry Potter part of the park.
    If you know how to work the system (and I do - I'm a Disney pro) then it's all good. I as so jealous. I want to go super bad. Maybe next year:) See you in a few weeks!