Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Fitness Hero...

My sister Gariella Reeve placed 4th in the NCP body building competition last Saturday March 19th!  I couldn't be happier for her than I am right now.  I know how hard she has worked for this goal.  What this picture doesn't tell you is that through her journey she has overcome obesity, loosing a whopping 138.8lbs!  She is the person that motivated me to loose my (post pregnancy-post anti depression medication) weight!  Through her constant encouragement and understanding I lost 85lbs to bring me back into the range of a healthy weight for my body.  So even though I am no where near her level of fitness I have somewhat of an idea of what it takes to stay focused and not give up on yourself...when really you just want to devour the whole birthday cake in front of you!!!  Gabby has always been interested in fitness and nutrition and is an avid researcher on the subject.  What is special about her is her ability to learn new information and then apply it to her situation.  Did I mention she has the will power of NO one I've ever know.  I know that weight is a touchy subject for a lot of people and can be a real source of pain in their lives, it was for me.  But Gabby was the one person who helped me get over my sensitivity about being heavy...we were both FAT during the same time in our lives.  I remember sitting by her at dinner both of us "pigging out" and laughing at ourselves.  She said "I don't know what happened to me.  I woke up this morning, stuck in this fat suit and dammit if I cant find the zipper...and I see you have the same problem."  We laughed for hours about our "situation."  she taught me to love myself in spite of my weight and when she started her journey...well I kinda tagged along.  She was always generous to share what she was doing or eating with me and others.  She really understands the concept of sacrifice...giving up something good for something better.  And we are both believers in "you are what you eat."  Don't get me wrong I am a foodie and it's the one thing in life that I have a love/ hate relationship with.  But Gabby Is the one person that has taught me the value of good whole foods and eating as clean as you can.  We all have to eat, but not all food is created equal.   One thing that I've always admired about her is that she doesn't stay stagnant in one place for to long and that she tries new things.

Always pushing herself along to meet her goals.  Gabby you ROCK!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


On Sunday we lost our family dog Sophie.  We had two dogs Sophie and Evey, and on a normal day they are restricted from going onto the sidewalk and beyond.  We have an underground electric fence and battery operated collars, that work rather effectively. Unfortunately we had our lawn airated and the line was punctured  in several places.  The lawn service said that they would fix the line but all we got was a game of phone tag.  So Mike attempted to fix the line himself, but when the sprinklers would go on it would short out.  our neighbor works for a cable company and has a tool that can tell you where the breaks in the line are.  So he came over on Friday and they dug up all the areas in the line that were damaged.  They weren't able to finish the job and We had church obligations on Saturday and Sunday (Stake Conference) so the fence would have to wait until Monday.  Sadly that was a day to late for Sophie.  After church we were outside in the backyard enjoying the weather and we didn't notice that she had ran around to the front of the house.  She ran into the road to cross it, so she could greet a neighbor walking her dog and was hit by a car.   Sophie managed to run back around the house to where we were.  The neighbor that was walking her dog and the poor lady that hit her also came running to the backyard.  They told us what had happened.   Sophie was in shock so Mike put her in her dog bed so she would be comfortable.  It was really sad to see her so distressed  and scared.  We couldn't see any obvious wounds but we knew that the car had gone right over her, so her injuries were internal.  Our greatest concern was that she was suffering so Mike called our vet to see where we could take her on a Sunday.  While we were waiting for the service to call back we gathered around her as a family to say a prayer.  It was simple but heart felt.  Mike asked the Lord to comfort her and if it was her time to leave her earthly home, that she could be released so she wouldn't have to suffer any longer.  And when he finished his prayer she was gone.  Losing a beloved pet this way was a sad thing for our family.  But experience is the best teacher and sometimes we need to be taught how fragile life really is and to be reminded not to take the simple things for granted. Amongst the sadness and loss the greatest lesson our family learned was that the Lord really does answer prayers and he really is aware of even a sparrow in the tree.

We had Sophie for eight years, she was loved and will be missed.